Spurs since 1882

The Tottenham Hotspur database

Presentation of results

Once you have a search selected, you can choose how to present the results. You can choose a simple tabular presentation or an interactive graphical presentation of the matches or various analyses and summaries of the results.

  • Listing of match record in interactive graphical form
  • Listing of match record in simple tabular form
  • Analysis of player Appearances (e.g. by season or career or manager)
  • Squad analyses (e.g. by season or manager)

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The Spurs database contains match records for over 7000 matches played by Tottenham Hotspur over the entire history of the club, from the early amateur days starting in 1882 to the Premier League Era.

In selecting a search there are two main decisions.

First you need to select which matches will be returned by selection of various search parameters (season, dates, competition, opponent, manager, players), alone or in combination

Second you need to decide how the output is presented  and analyzed (match record, summary of results, player or squad appearance record).

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Selecting the search parameters

Description of presentation of search results to go here.

The database contains over 5000 matches played by Tottenham Hotspur throughout the history of the club. You can search this match record by season, opponent, or competition, between dates, or those involving a particular manager or player(s).

The Search Match Record Menu offers several simple forms for a single parameter to help start a search. In each case the results of the search are followed by a form that allows you to further refine the search.

In addition there is the full search engine options that allows you to make a search of any one or more combinations.

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