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  • Instructions ( 3 )

    In selection a search there are two main decisions.

    First you need to select which matches will be returned by selection of various search parameters (season, dates, competition, opponent, manager, players) alone or in combination

    Second you need to decide how the output is analysed and presented (match record, summary of results, player or squad appearance record).

    • Listing of match record in interactive graphical form
    • Lisitng of match record in simple tabular form
    • Analysis of player Appearances (e.g. by season or career)
    • Squad analyses (e.g. by season or manager)


  • Search Match Record ( 8 )

    Start using the database to perfomr your own searches. There are two options, one performing the search within the framework of this website and another simpler standalone versiion.


    • Full search engine ( 3 )

      Use the search engine with all the search options.

      This version allows selection of all the search parameters - season, dates, opponents, competition, players and managers - alone or in any combination. It also allows multi-player searches.

      The results can be displayed as a list of the match record, with links to details, as summary of results by competition, or as appearance records for players or squad.


  • Search Player Record ... ( 4 )

    More on searches for player appearances to follow ....

    Searches involving players are a separate category as there is a mechanism to search for the appearance of a player with one to three team-mates and this is handled differently by the search engine.

  • Squad Analysis ... ( 4 )

    Description of the squad analysis search to be placed here.

  • Example searches ( 10 )

    Component ImageThis section will be used to present some example searches. While the purpose is to illustrate the type of searches possible using the database, the selection will hopefully provide some insight into the history of the club.

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